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Campagnolo Centaur 10 PowerShift Ergopower Levers

It is nice to see Campagnolo offering 10 speed levers to their customer base and not completely disbanding 10 speed for the now-standard 11 speed technology. In some ways it offers 10 speed riders the newer technology, improved ergonomics and shifting in a 10 speed package. The carbon brake lever reduces the weight by 25 grams over the alloy version and adds a sleek, stealth appearance. Great upgrade if you want the new style ErgoLever on an older 10 speed drivetrain.

It is evident that Campagnolo has put serious thought into improving their Ergo Brake/Shift levers. Campagnolo has tweaked the shape of the levers to both provide more room for the fingers but with a shorter reach. The Vari-Cushion™ hoods feature different softness in different areas. They have excellent shape memory, UV stability and wide temperature stability. The No-Bulge™ cable housing routing provides better comfort and avoids uncomfortable bulges where the hands are placed. A higher pivot on the brake lever allows more powerful braking from the hoods. Finally, Campagnolo has reduced shifting effort by 13% for the rear and reduced the throw for the front shifting by 18%.


  • 328 grams
  • Carbon brake lever
  • 10 speed compatible
  • Vari-Cushion™ hoods
  • No-Bulge™ cable housing routing
  • A higher pivot on the brake lever allows more powerful braking
  • Includes complete set of brake and derailleur cables and housing
  • $224.05
    Reg Price $305.00
    Item #: 102610
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     Anonymous : 

    Replaced an old set of Record 10-speed Ergo shifters and these are just the ticket. That said, they do require a new QS front derailleur but I had more or less expected that. I had one sitting around from an old build. Took a bit of fiddling but now front and rear work very well.

    I give the rear shifting a 5-star rating and the front a 4-star rating and that's why I have a 4 average, given that the rear can only be shifted to a smaller cog one at a time. But that's not a huge deal. The front is fine, but it's not typical Campagnolo and can't really be trimmed. But with a QS front der there is no trimming required. To shift to the small ring the inner shifter tab is pressed to release the derailleur all the way down - no ratcheting down like on the old models.


     Anonymous : 

    I've been using Campy for years. I was building a second cross bike, and debating buying an older set of Record shifters on Ebay, but decided to go for the new Centaur shifters as the cost was going to be comparable. I really like the carbon levers and shift blades for colder weather riding. So glad I did. The rear shifting is sooo crisp and precise. I initially thought the upshift thumb lever was broken it moves so little, but that's all the travel there is. Once you get used to it, upshifts and downshifts are just about effortless. I really like the new ergonomics as well. My only complaint is the new routing of the shift cables through the hoods for the "no bulge" aspect makes it hard to get the cables through without kinking them. I'm sure there is a way around this that pro mechanics have figured out. Campy's installation manual is just about worthless.

    Pros: Big improvement from older models

    Cons: More difficult to route shift cable through hoods