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Singlespeed & Track    Chainrings

Euro-Asia Imports Chainring Tote Bag

Perfect addition to your track arsenal of chainrings, cogs and lockrings. Super sturdy chainring tote carries up to 6 chainrings, 6 cogs, has a pouch for lockrings and slide pockets for installation/removal wrenches. Also included is a laminated gear inch chart. Construction of the tote is heavy weight Cordura which will not get chewed up and shredded by the chainrings and last a lifetime. Consider it your track wallet.


  • Lots of storage
  • Clever low-profile design
  • Holds all the essentials
  • Bomb-proof construction
  • Reinforced grommets for hanging
  • Double stitched and hemmed handles
  • $69.00
    Item #: 158000 Weight: 571g
    Item is in stock