Polar Chest Transmitter and Elastic Strap Coded

Polar Chest Transmitter and Elastic Strap Coded

T31 model. Ergonomic design that is 25% smaller. Smaller means increased comfort. 100% waterproof, 2500 hours of battery life with coded transmission to prevent cross talk. Backed by two year maintenance free warranty

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edwin fichtner

Posted on 1/26/2014

Although it has a replaceable battery, I have found that after the initial replacement, the next time I have had to replace the unit. New batteries no longer work.


Posted on 2/6/2012

The T-31 coded model works well with my old "S series" X-Trainer plus. I was on my second T-61 transmitter when I discovered that it was almost out of gas. I called Polar USA, and was told to use this model as a replacement. They were correct.


Posted on 2/2/2011 2:01:05 PM

Regarding the last comment, I called Polar yesterday regarding the t61 coded chest transmitter. Polar no longer sells it though the t31 will work. I still use my S710 myself. However, they no longer sell the interface transmitter between a pc and the S710 itself. Polar wants you to spend $480+ for their now HR wrist monitor w/ the polar protrainer 5. money, money, money...


Posted on 6/24/2008 8:29:00 AM

This strap doesn’t work with the S-series monitors, which includes many of the ones with cycling functions that Excel sells, including the S-710, S-710i, S-720, etc. Those require the T-61 coded transmitter, which isn’t sold here (bummer).