Castelli Chill Sleeves

The Chill Sleeves is another example of the Castelli Design Dept inventing materials and fabrics to make a unique product that performs best in its class. As the name implies, the Chill Sleeves actually lower the body temp during the drying and moisture movement process. It works like this, you put in an effort in hot weather, you sweat, the Chill Sleeves then move the moisture away from your body and literally cool you down during this process. The slight silver graphics (known as Dynamic Print) turn a darker color when they are wet, then turn back to light grey when they quickly dry. This means, not only do you feel the sleeves working, but see it happen as well.

The magical Prosecco Ice fabric features an energy-activated technology to provide cooling in sweat evaporation areas. Beyond cooling, the Chill Sleeves give you 50+ UV protection from the sun's harmful rays. The weight is kept down to a scant 44 grams for the pair, so they are low profile and travel well in the event you choose to throw them in your jersey pocket. Choose size.


  • Prosecco Ice fabric cools your arms during evaporation
  • Dynamic print
  • 50+ UV protection
  • Elastic and anatomic no slip fit
  • 44 grams/pair


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