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Arundel Chrono Aero Bottle

As you would guess from the name, Arundle's Mandible bottle cage has 40% more bottle clamping power than any other cage on the market. That alone is fantastic, as you will never lose another bottle on the Mandible's watch, but what as impressive is the easy bottle release and lightweight. Two things not always associated with iron clad clamping of the bottle.

The Mandible manages to offer the best of both worlds, supreme bottle retention with easy bottle release. Beyond function, the cage is super low profile, super-durable and tips the scales at a scant 27 grams. It's no surprise that the Mandible has become an instant customer and staff favorite due by simply being superior in every dimension of bottle cage design. Sold individually, choose your finish. Mounting hardware included.


  • Grips the bottle like no other
  • Easy bottle release
  • The final word in durability
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Unique foam micro-core design
  • Geometrically enhanced arms for added strength
  • Dual mounting holes to customize bottle position
  • 27 grams
Reg Price $14.95
Item #: 413102