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Louis Garneau Chrono-Leggera Helmet

The Louis Garneau Chrono-Leggera helmet is an entry level aero helmet with the golf ball effect technology that helps achieve better laminar airflow. Five vents allow some heat to escape and a Spiderlock Elite retention device allows one-hand adjustment The Chrono-leggera is also light enough to make you forget you are wearing an aero helmet. Fully compatible with the Garneau windscreen sold separately.


  • 5 vents
  • 348 grams
  • Windscreen compatible
  • CPSC-ASTM-CEN-AS 2063 certified
  • Golf ball type dimples for improved Laminer airflow
  • Spiderlock Elite retention for one-hand adjustment
  • $59.88
    Reg Price $129.95
    Item #: 786040