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Lezyne Classic Drive Floor Pump

When most folks think Lezyne, they think Floor pumps. And for good reason. They produce some of the best designed and durable floor pumps that are available on the market. Quality materials, quality construction and a well thought out pump head that performs perfectly every time you use it are hallmarks of a Lezyne pump. One look at the Classic Drive and you may think it was found in a time capsule. After first time usage, you will see that it offers modern day functionality and reliability.

The Classic is classic in the sense that it uses traditional materials and construction techniques for the build design. The barrel, shaft and base of the pump are fashion from steel, the base is made of CNC'd aluminum and the wide handle is good ol' fashioned turned and treated wood. The Classic uses the familiar Lezyne Flip Chuck. This chuck simply threads onto your valve for an airtight seal. On the chuck is the clever Air Bleed System (ABS) to relieve the pressure and suction built up in the hose. Also included is a Lezyne Slip Chuck which is a small right angle chuck that foregoes the threading and slips right on the valve. It also doubles as a disc pump head. Each of these pump head have small replaceable rubber gaskets to ensure they will function perfectly for years to come. The hose is a whopping 42" long to reach your valve in just about any situation. The Classic pumps up to 160 psi and the accurate and easy to read gauge make it easy to achieve the perfect amount of tire pressure.

Old meets new with the Classic Drive which satisfies our daily physical needs and requirements from the product but manages to satisfy our aesthetic desires.


  • Steel Construction with CNC alloy base
  • 43" rubber hose
  • Wood handle
  • Accurate gauge
  • Perfect build quality
  • 160 max psi
  • Slip Chuck Included for disc wheels
  • Flip Thread Chuck works on both Presta and Schrader
  • 5.9 x 7.9 x 25"
  • 3.66lbs
Item #: 462575