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Hutchinson Cobra Hardskin TL 29er Tire

Hutchinson classifies the Cobra as their Go fast, hardpack tire. Think of it as a really fast Python with more grip in corners due to the high lateral knobs. The tire is so fast because the designers at Hutchinson (with input from cross-country world champion Julien Absalon) spent many hours designing a center ridge that will rolls with little resistance, while providing grip for climbing in looser conditions. The tubeless ready bead snaps perfectly on to almost any UST or Stan's BST rims or wheels. The Cobra 29 in 2.25" width tips the scales at a scant 595 grams.


  • Hardskin sidewall protective layer
  • Rolls fast and grips in corners
  • Pure XC delight
  • 790 grams
Reg Price $89.00
Item #: 756090