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Mountain    Tires - 29 inch

Panaracer Comet Tire

The engineers at Panaracer have used the latest in small block technology to produce what many riders consider the ultimate hard pack tire. Small block tread patterns have proven to be the tread pattern of choice on rock and hardpack due to the sheer amount of rubber they lay down to the ground. What makes the small block different on the Comets is the fact that the pattern has been angled for both grip and debris purging. An unattached and staggered center ridge greatly decreases rolling resistance and makes the tire straight up roll down the trail. The trialing side knobs give solid hook-up when the tire is rolled over, enough so, that it offers the best cornering manners we have experienced with any small block tire.

The rubber compound is optimized to offer a balance of grip and low rolling resistance. The folding aramid bead is lightweight and makes the Comet a snap to install. Measured width of the tire is 2.1" and the weight is a feathery 568 grams.


  • Optimized small block pattern
  • Trailing side knob for cornering prowess
  • Durable and reliable
  • Lightest tire in its class
  • Aramid bead
  • Measured 2.1" width
  • 568 grams

Panaracer has yet to give the Comet the official Tubeless Ready designation, but we have had excellent success getting the Comets to mount up to Stan's BST rims without issue.

Reg Price $49.00
Item #: 751014