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K-Edge Computer Mount for Garmin Edge

The K-Edge Computer mount for Garmin Edge® is a nicely made, professional grade mount for Garmin Edge GPS computers CNC-machined out of a single piece of aluminum. It positions your Garmin ahead of your bar and a little lower actually in line with the stem making the computer easier to read while riding since you don't have to bring your eyes so far downward. Its slightly lower position also gives the computer install a sleeker, more refined look and creates a more wind-cheating cockpit.

A unique feature is its adjustability. This K-Edge mount features a slot that allows about a half inch of travel so you can snug the Garmin close to your stem. The K-Edge mount secures your computer through three locking points. There is also a definite click when the computer is installed so you know it is secure and can focus on your ride.


  • Made in the USA
  • CNC Machined 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Compatible with the Garmin Edge® 800, 500, and 200
  • Fits 31.8mm diameter handlebars
  • Weighs 30 grams (weight includes bolt, clamp, mount)
  • Adjustable length
Reg Price $49.95
Item #: 430030
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 Anonymous : 

Can they please design a model for the Shimano Stealth Evo Pro bar. My friend has one and I love it, but I can't mount it because my bars are not round in diameter. Would love to see them come up with a design for this type of handlebar.

Pros: Great looking and well machine crafted.

Cons: None


 Anonymous : 

Beautifully made, adjustable, and very strong. Nicer finish and feels more secure than other manufacturers' mounts.

Pros: Best mount available

Cons: none


 Anonymous : 

Unfortunately for me in having a touch of OCD and multiple bikes to boot, I've had to purchase 3 of these mounts to avoid moving one from bike to bike, which I think speaks volumes to my opinion of their utility. Their ability to secure my Edge 800 is very practical, stylish and comforting to say the least, they are fully adjustable allowing optimal positioning of your computer and they look good too! Might I also suggest in the vein of the OCD in most of us who have to have "all things cycling" matched and tied together...that coupling this mount with a silicon cover for your Edge 800 is the bomb as it covers the funky blue stripe on the computer that doesn't coordinate with your "other than blue bike". If you really have it (OCD) bad then you'll be a bit disappointed that Garmin doesn't make them in the gold, blue and green to go with their K-edge chain catchers. But hope springs eternal !!! This is a great product.

Pros: Excellent, practical and stylish product.

Cons: A price of $25 would be the defining touch.


 Anonymous : 

Looks good, keeps my Edge 500 securely in place and up front where it's easy to read.


 Anonymous : 

Places my Garmin Edge 500 in front of the stem and below the top of the bars. Securely restrains the Garmin. No longer have to fidget with the rubber band mount that came with the Garmin.

Pros: Secure mount below the top of the bars

Cons: Cost


 Anonymous : 

Rock solid - no lateral movement, even when repeatedly pressing the side buttons. As an extra benefit, it places the Garmin in a perfect viewing position. Exceeded my expectations.

Pros: Zero lateral movement, Optimal viewing position

Cons: Garmin is a tight fit at first (gets better)