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Road    Tires - Clincher

Continental Contact 2 Tire

The Contact's large size, tough casing, and tread makes it a great choice for commuting, bad roads, and off season training. Its tread has been designed based upon the principles of what Continental refers to as bionics. The premise is a uniform center tread/belt assembly that ensures a smooth and speedy ride on the road, while having flexible shoulder lugs and fine siping for a guaranteed grip in curves and on loose surfaces. Aptly named, the tire offers plenty of contact with the road.

The ultra fine carcass fabric reduces the rolling resistance while providing a noticeably more comfortable ride. Continental's Safety System delivers protection via nylon/Kevlar fabric that sits between the tread and the inner casing. This makes the Contact II a terrific commuting and winter training tire, preventing pinch flats, punctures, and cuts. A special lamellar structure and the three dimensional tread pattern provide superior grip and braking. The Contact II has a 28mm profile and fits in many road framesets with standard road caliper brakes, and features reflective sidewall strips for safety.


  • Wire bead, oriented, durable and protective, commuter/training tire
  • Lamellar structure and 3D tread pattern provides a smooth, sure ride
  • Safety System puncture protection
  • Will fit most road bikes
  • Reflective strip on both sidewalls for full-time visibility
  • Weight: 498 grams
Reg Price $39.95
Item #: 730032 Weight: 498g