Kuat Convertible Hitch Pin Lock 1-2 Inch

Hitch pins are a necessity for locking your expensive trailer hitch mount rack to your vehicle. One issue with locking the rack to your hitch is the diameter of the hole in the hitch mount. The Kuat Convertible takes acre of this problem by offering you a standard 1/2" diameter pin and then a sleeve to increase the diameter to 5/8" so it will fit virtually any diameter hitch hole.

The chromed exterior does a good job of resisting wear and the bras key and lock tumbler wards off rust and corrosion. The Convertible Hitch Pin comes with 2 keys and fits just about all hitch and mounts available on the market.


  • Chromed finish
  • Brass lock tumbler
  • Fits 1/2"-5/8" diameter hitch holes
  • Fits almost all hitches/racks on the market
  • Includes two keys
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