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Road    Handlebar Tape

Cinelli Cork Gel Handlebar Tape

Gel cork by Cinelli--bumpy roads won't be a problem anymore. Also, good for those with arthritis or hand pain. The gel a more comfortable tape with the highest shock absorbing properties. The Gel VibraAbsorbr is the secret. A gel that covers the inner surface of the tape, self adhesive and perfect to wrap. Try it on the cobble stones ground or on a rough road!


  • It is heat-proof (more than 60°C)
  • Super elastic (elongation is exceeding 100% its length)
  • Hard to tear
  • Incredibly shock absorbing and soft
  • The thickness of the gel stripe makes the bar section easier to grip
  • $18.95
    Reg Price $19.95
    Item #: 360800 Weight: 50g