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Vittoria Corsa CX III Tubular Tire

At the heart of the Corsa CX III tire is the Corespun 320 tpi casing. The casing is made from a poly-cotton blend that has Kevlar woven in to add durability. In thread form, Kevlar is soft and flexible, so while offering added protection, it will not adversely affect the handling. The huge thread count of these materials are tightly woven and end up giving the rider near perfect road feedback and a firm but resilient cornering feel.

The tread is Vittoria's ISOgrip compound which Vittoria considers their new reference for a high-performance road compound. It offers more grip and less rolling resistance than any prior comound Vittoria has relaesed. The tread pattern is Vittoria's venerable CX fine file design. It has been around for decades and is a proven performer in all conditions - dry or wet.

Sandwiched between the tread and casing is Vittoria's proprietary PRB 2.0 protective layer. This strip helps protect the casing from glass shards and general road debris that can wedge into the tread and cause flatting.


  • ISOgrip compound
  • PRB 2.0 puncture resistant belt
  • CX fine file tread pattern
  • 115 to 200psi inflation range
  • 228 grams - 21mm
  • 239 grams - 23mm
  • 249 grams - 25mm

We do not accept for return tubular tires that have been glued to a rim.

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Reg Price $109.95


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Posted on 9/7/2014

Worst Tubulars I have ever ridden. They have minimal puncture resistance and after putting a new set on today I prompty got a rear flat 25 miles into my ride. This is about the 6th time this has happened with Vittoria tires. I should have left the Tufo tires on my bike that had over 2000 miles on them.

Pros None

Cons Expensive / Not durable/ poor puncture resistance