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Vittoria Corsa EVO CX II Tubular Tire

At 320 tpi, the Vittoria EVO Corsa CX tubular has by far, the highest tread count of any tubular available. It gives the CX the smoothest and most supple ride quality that cannot be explained, it needs to be experienced. Combine this casing with the sticky tread and you get one of the world's greatest racing tires. We can't think of a better tire for diving into the last corner of an important criterium or road race.

At the heart of the tire is the Corespun 320 tpi casing. The casing is made from a poly-cotton blend that has Kevlar woven in to add durability. In thread form, Kevlar is soft and flexible, so while offering added protection, it will not adversely affect the handling. The huge thread count of these materials are tightly woven and end up giving the rider near perfect road feedback and a firm but resilient cornering feel.

The tread is a dual compound with a firm/harder durameter center for fast rolling and softer durameter compound on the sides for grip. The Corsa EVO CX tread is constructed from natural rubber that is enhanced with Silica and Kevlar SiO2. These 'additives' greatly enhance the ride characteristics - the Silica reduces rolling resistance while the Kevlar increases wear time and durability. The tread pattern is Vittoria's venerable CX fine file design. It has been around for decades and is a proven performer in all conditions - dry or wet.

Sandwiched between the tread and casing is Vittoria's proprietary PRB 2.0 protective layer. This strip helps protect the casing from glass shards and general road debris that can wedge into the tread and cause flatting.

The Corsa Evo CX tubular is equipped with Vittoria's valve system which makes it a snap to replace and extend valves for deeper carbon-aero rims. The valve is removed from the base where the valve connects to the tire. You then replace with Vittoria valve extenders (installing the valve extender first and then the red valve on top) or Zipp (open fill-tube type) valve extenders.


  • Red removable valve stem system
  • Supple 320tpi Corespun casing
  • PRB 2.0 puncture resistant belt
  • Kevlar/Silica enhanced rubber compound
  • CX fine file tread pattern
  • Black tread and sidewall
  • 115 to 200psi inflation range
  • 237 grams - 21mm
  • 248 grams - 23mm
  • 259 grams - 25mm

    Please note: We cannot accept for return tubular tires that have been glued to the rim.

  • $49.88
    Reg Price $94.95
    Item #: 743011
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     Anonymous : 

    These tires have a really nice ride quality,Like the volume of the casing as well. But these tires do not grip in wet weather very well,I have spun the rear tire climbing out of the saddle on wet roads numerous times. Continental Competition's seem to grip much,much better in these conditions. Maybe it's just me?

    Pros: Supple,light.

    Cons: slippery in wet weather.


     Anonymous : 

    Good tires. Definitely the best value for money tubular out there. Very supple and smooth rolling. Behave very well when run at 5-10 psi less than a racing clincher.

    Bear in mind that the new 320 tpi tires have a somewhat different rubber compound that seems a bit slicker. These tires are lousy in the rain and also tend to initiate skidding under sudden braking very unexpectedly. I've had several unpredictable skids in races that would never happen to me on other tires. For that reason I'm reluctant to try them again.

    While we have not found the same experience with the CX tires, we felt the need to post this review - ed

    Pros: Beautiful ride

    Cons: rain, skids


     Anonymous : 

    Popular for a good reason. I race and train on sew ups. I've tried others but I always go back to CX's.

    Pros: ride and handling have no weaknesses

    Cons: it would be nice if they labeled both sides