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Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL Rear Wheel

The Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL remains one of the best values in an all-purpose aero wheel. It is also one of the few factory built wheels that will reliably hold up even to 200-plus pound riders and seldom if never have to be trued.

Exceptional aerodynamics are created by a 52mm carbon/aluminum rim built with 20 bladed spokes laced radial non drive and 2x drive side. The new Maxtal aluminum and 12K carbon rim has an aluminum braking surface for durability and optimal braking. There is also no need for special brake pads. The Cosmic Carbon SLS wheel is a fantastic choice for an aero wheel with a solid ride and the very high build quality Mavic wheels are known for.

The hub is made with both an aluminum axle and body fitted with Mavic's QRM+ bearings specifically designed for cycling and supply legendary glass-smooth performance. Bearings can be easily adjusted in a few seconds while on the bike. A FTS-L steel cassette body provides instant power transfer.


  • 940 grams
  • Updated graphics
  • High build quality
  • 52mm carbon/aluminum rim
  • Maxtal aluminum braking surface
  • 20 spokes laced radially non drive 2x drive
  • Aluminum hub body and axle with QRM+ bearings
  • Supplied with rim tape, skewer, spoke wrench, bearing adjustment tool, and valve extender
Reg Price $635.95
Item #: 061523 Weight: 935g