Mavic Cosmic Carbone 40 C Demo Wheelset

Make an appointment to demo these Mavic Wheels in our Boulder, Colorado showroom 303-444-6737 M-F 9-6 Saturday 10-6, closed Sunday. Demo cost is 5% of retail price per day. Your card will be charged for the entire amount of the wheels to begin the demo and you are responsible for any damage. 100% of the demo fee can be put toward a wheel purchase.

Mavic's Cosmic Carbone 40 C wheelset is a true one wheel solution that covers all the bases in terms of lightweight and aerodynamics. We found the low 1545 gram weight allows the 40 C wheel set to spin up to speed quite quickly. The butted, bladed steel spokes and propriety carbon/aluminum rim construction make these wheels very solid with virtually no lateral flex for responsive sprints and safe descents. These are perhaps one of the best factory wheelsets for launching a sharp attack on a steep grade. The 40mm section is not significantly affected by crosswinds but delivers a noticeable aero boost at speed.

The heart of the 40 C wheels is the TgMAX rim technology. Mavic found they could build a strong, light and reliable carbon rim by using a solid aluminum inner rim bonded to a 3K carbon exterior with a proprietary process that actually chemically strengthens over time. Because the inner rim is solid, there is no rim strip required which also saves a few grams of rotating weight. Mavic uses a foam filler inside the rim that materials engineers know adds significant strength.

Most carbon rims lack a little in the braking department compared to aluminum, however, we found nothing but top notch braking performance. Braking is consistent and efficient in any climate conditions and braking force is excellent. Mavic found the aluminum reinforcing core resists heat buildup - the traditional issue with carbon clinchers. We did notice a touch of brake squeal under heavy braking that might be a slight annoyance to your riding partners so you may want to pay particular attention to pad choice and toe-in. Shimano/SRAM compatible for all cassettes up to 11-speed. Call us for Campagnolo compatibility.


  • 1545 grams - 670 front and 875 rear
  • QRM+ bearings
  • 40mm rim profile, 19mm width
  • TgMAX technology
  • Includes Yksion Pro tires and tubes
  • 16 bladed steel spokes front, 20 rear
  • Supplied with quick releases
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