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Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLE WTS Rear Wheel

The Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLE provides the aerodynamics of a 52mm rim section at a surprisingly low 900 gram weight for the rear wheel or 1630 grams for the set. This wheel delivers ultra high braking performance thanks to Mavic's exclusive Exalith 2 technology which provides show bike good looks, increases durability and delivers fantastic all weather braking performance. Mavic's wheels have long been known for their high build quality noticeable better than other brands and Exalith takes it one step higher.

Exalith specific treatment on the rim actually penetrates the Maxtal alloy, so the rim keeps its distinctive anthracite grey color for thousands of kilometers so these wheels will retain their show bike looks even with heavy use. This also delays rim wear for big increases in strength and durability. You can use any brake pads, but the Mavic Exalith brake pads will last longer, brake more quietly and won't wear down as quickly.

The WTS part refers to Mavic wheel and tire system which basically means they include a Powerlink rear tire so you can get all the performance out of the wheel. This is more than a gimmick. We have found the Powerlink really holds the road like its name implies with the perfect amount of suppleness - not too stiff or too squishy. The Powerlink tire also has a nylon, puncture resistant belt making this grippy, long lasting and supple tire surprisingly flat resistant.

Exceptional aerodynamics are created by a 52mm carbon/aluminum rim built with 20 bladed spokes laced radial non drive and 2x drive side. The 52mm section is the sweet spot for maximum aerodynamic benefit with minimal problems in crosswinds. Rear wheel is 20 spokes laced radial, 2-cross. The hub is made with both an aluminum axle and body fitted with Mavic's QRM+ bearings specifically designed for cycling. A FTS-L steel cassette body provides instant power transfer. The QRM+ bearings supply legendary glass-smooth performance. Shimano/SRAM compatible - call 800-627-6664 for campagnolo compatibility.


  • 900 grams rear and 1630 grams for the pair
  • Exalith rim treatment
  • Updated graphics
  • High build quality
  • 52mm carbon/aluminum rim
  • 20 spokes laced radially non drive 2x drive
  • Aluminum hub body and axle with QRM+ bearings
  • Supplied with rim tape, tire, tube, skewer, spoke wrench, bearing adjustment tool, brake pads and valve extender
Reg Price $1,059.95


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