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Mavic Cosmic Elite S WTS Front Wheel

Many aero wheels cost a small fortune but the Mavic Cosmic Elite delivers the aerodynamics of a 30mm section rim and Mavic build quality at price friendly to virtually any budget. The Maxtal 30mm aluminum rim has a welded and machined joint (SUP) and a machined braking surface (UB Control) proving strength and stiffness for rock-solid handing. 20 aero stainless steel spokes assist the 30mm rim section in cutting through the wind. QRM cartridge sealed bearings fitted to an alloy hub shell give friction free performance.

"WTS" refers to Mavic's Wheel-Tire System meaning a matched tire and tube are included with the wheel. The included Askion tire matches the performance and cosmetics of the Cosmic Elite wheel for a great riding and looking bike. Of course, when the tire wears it can be replaced with any of your favorite 700c clinchers tires.


  • 815 grams
  • 30mm rim section
  • 20 aero steel spokes laced radially
  • Includes Yksion Comp tire
  • Includes skewer, rim tape and valve extender
  • Great budget aero wheel for road or triathlon
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