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Vittoria Cross XL Pro Folding Tire

The Vittoria Cross XL Pro was designed for wet, muddy courses. Generally run strictly as a rear tire in most mud conditions, slippery off-camber mud courses will call for front use as well. This is the clincher version of the XL tubular, and while not as flexible and grippy as it's sibling, the XL Pro is one of the best mud specific clinchers we have ridden.

The XL tread pattern features aggressive, widely-spaced knobs in specially designed combinations to bite into the muck, and quickly shed mud as it rolls. The same grip provides traction for immediate acceleration, sure braking, and agile, confident cornering, even in the most challenging weather and surface conditions. The tread itself is durable, but has relatively low rolling resistance. Vittoria doesn't release the rubber compound information, but the center knobs are stiffer, and the shoulder knobs a little softer, indicating dual compounds, both of which provide grip when wet.

Surprisingly, the XL Pro still handles well enough on hardpack and the pavement sections cyclocross is known for. A common combination is running the XL Pro in the rear with the more versatile XG Pro in the front. Vittoria ha sbeen making clincher cross tires for many years and these model benefit directly from the tubular versions Vittoria is legendary for. You cannot go wrong with the XL Pro as your mud clincher tire.


  • Mud specific cross clincher, ideal as a rear tire
  • New XL tread pattern designed especially for muddy conditions
  • Grips in the mud, rolls fast and sure on the pavement
  • 150 tpi casing hits right balance of suppleness, strength
  • Recommend pressure range: 45-90 psi
  • Weight: 700x31 380g, 700x33 410g
Reg Price $54.99


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