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Mavic Crossmax ST 29 6 Bolt Rear Wheel

The Crossmax ST 29er is a light, versatile 29er wheel that will stand up to hard use for reliable performance. The UST tubeless rim fits a wide range of tire standards and the 19mm rim inner width provides better tire support for improved handling and tire performance. It can be used tubeless so you can run low pressure for traction and ride quality with a minimal worry of getting a flat. For those not making the jump to tubeless, it can be run with a regular tire and tube setup.

Build quality is very high with Mavic's proven Maxtal alloy rim that is stronger and lighter than a conventional alloy. Unlike many less expensive rims, the rim joint is welded and machined for a smooth and solid joint. Like the rim, Zircal round alloy spokes deliver a high degree of stiffness at a low weight. The oversize aluminum hubs are fitted with Mavic's ultra-smooth and reliable QRM+ bearings. A new 4-pawl ITS-4 cassette body gives lightning quick engagement for a snappier power transfer.

Power transfer is also enhanced by Mavic's Isopulse lacing. The spokes are laced radially on the drive side and 2 cross on the non-drive side to maximize drive side dish. This provides a better spoke tension balance between left and right sides. Isopulse also delivers higher stiffness under heavy loads for crystal clear energy transmission and less problems with the wheel going out of true.

The rear hub is easily converted from the standard QR to 12x135 or 12x142 with the included conversion kit. Can be setup tubeless or used with a tire and tube.


  • 885 grams
  • QRM+ bearings
  • 19mm internal rim width
  • 20 round Zircal spokes Isopulse laced
  • Supplied with quick release, hub tool and UST valve
  • Tubeless and tube compatible

Recommended tire size 1.5" to 2.3"

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