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USE Cyclops Clamp

Simple and eloquent design is made to replace old and worn units on existing posts or upgrade them to a larger size to fit saddles with oversize carbon rails. The unique Cyclops clamp is light and incredibly strong. First time set up can be a slight challenge, but once you have a little experience with it, it installs and adjusts easily. The Cyclops clamp is fabricated from 7075 heat treated and anodized alloy. The clamp unit we sell includes the bolt and washer.

The 7mm size fits most standard saddles while the 8mm size fits Terry carbon and Fizik Aliante carbon saddles. The 9.2mm size fits Fizik Arione 9.2mm braided carbon rail saddles and the 10.4mm size fits Fizik Aliante C4 10.4mm braided carbon rails.


  • Machined 7075 alloy
  • Anodized silver finish
  • Bolt, brass washer and star washer included
  • Choose your size
  • Made in England
  • $18.88
    Reg Price $39.95
    Item #: 248219
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     Anonymous : 

    The 9.2 mm size did not really fit the Arione OO saddle. (See comment on Arione OO saddle.). My experience was that you could, with a great deal of effort ge the 9.2 mm clamp to work but the proper size would have probably been 10.4. I think this is because the Kevlar is wrapped around the rail and, as such, it overlaps itself and makes the diameter just a tad too big to easily fit the clamp over it and line up the bolt properly.