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Arundel Dave-O Carbon Bottle Cage

There are many carbon fiber water bottle cages on the market. Some are known for breaking or allowing the bottle to "eject". Arundel makes primarily water bottle cages so it is important to them to design a cage that securely holds the bottles along with being light weight with good aesthetics. The Dave-O could be 20 grams instead of 30, but then it would loose bottles and not be as strong. Also, Arundel been testing their cages since October of 2000 and have made countless modifications and improvements along the way.

Each cage is made in a compression mold. Layers of fabric are placed in the mold by hand, the mold then goes to the press where it is subjected to temperatures around 250 degrees and pressures close to 1000 psi. You can ride with confidence knowing that the latest in quality control and manufacturing techniques are implemented to produce the Arundel Dave-O carbon water bottle cage.


  • 30 grams
  • Includes water bottle screws
  • Designed and tested to securely hold a water bottle
  • Produced with the latest in quality control and manufacturing techniques
  • $49.95
    Item #: 413120