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WTB Deva Pro Saddle

The first thing we need to discuss about the WTB Deva Pro saddle is the fact that it is pronounced Dave-ah, not Deev-ah and more importantly, it is not a women's specific saddle. Now let's make it more confusing - even though it is not gender specific, the Deva is actually very popular with women looking for a high performance saddle.

The Deva is the same exact saddle as the popular Devo with more padding under the sit bone area under the synthetic cover. It also incorporates a lot of the popular WTB specific design elements. The Love Channel depression in the center of the saddle to provide soft-tissue relief while retaning saddle strength. DNA conforming padding is mounted to the Flex Tuned shell for superb comfort. Great all day saddle and a value price.


  • CroMoly rails
  • Perforated center
  • 142mm width
  • DNA padding
  • Fiber Flex Tuned shell
  • 250 grams
  • $59.95
    Reg Price $90.00
    Item #: 705111 Weight: 255g