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WTB Devo SLT Saddle

The Devo SLT is a dual road or mountain racing type saddle. The short profile and medium width seems to fit a good cross section of riders from both genders. The DNA padding is both firm and supportive and is mounted a Flex-Tuned shell for added comfort. WTB's Love Channel depression in the center of the saddle relieves pressure when weighted.

Slight contour to the profile is anatomically correct and positions the rider in the ideal section of the saddle. The titanium rails keep the saddle weight down to the 200ish gram range while also providing flex for passive suspension which leads to a more comfortable ride. An instant favorite of many riders, the Devo is a result of many years of saddle production from WTB. If you're in the market for a new lightweight road or XC saddle, you should give this one some consideration.


  • All day comfort in a race saddle
  • 144mm width
  • 255mm length
  • Titanium rails
  • Flex-Tuned shell
  • Firm padding
  • Leather cover
  • 215 grams
  • $134.95
    Reg Price $150.00
    Item #: 705135 Weight: 249g