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Sidi Diablo GTX Winter Mountain Shoe

If you are planning on 3-4 season riding in sometimes inclement and cold weather, you are going to require proper foot attire to get the job done. The Diablo GTX mountain shoe uses a four layer upper for optimal durability, weather-proofing and all season comfort. The outer layer features a tough Technomicro fabric panels with breathable heavy-duty nylon inserts. Beneath the Technomicro resides a layer is a seamless Gore-Tex bootie which provides a waterproof and breathable weather barrier. Below that is a light insulating layer for warmth, then finally a soft inner liner which provides both comfort and proper wicking qualities for moisture mitigation. Four layers, each task specific that work in harmony to keep you warm dry and comfortable in any condition. The perfected elastic cuff keeps water out, while not impeding with smooth pedaling dynamics.

This nylon sole has a nice balance of stiffness for both pedaling performance and handling on varied terrain, but also has some built-in engineered flex to take the edge of and provide some comfort and relief. The flex also makes it a great shoe to walk and run around on all types of terrain that you encounter on your mountain or cross bike. The front of the sole has two threaded ports for optional Sidi toe spikes. The Competition 2 sole accepts a two-hole SPD type mountain cleat which is industry standard. The lugs on the sole keep the cleat recessed and provide plenty of traction when walking.


  • Standard industry standard 2 hole SPD cleat mount
  • Waterproof/windproof Gore-Tex upper keeps feet dry
  • Semi insulated with wicking liner for warmth and moisture control
  • Slightly roomier fit accommodates thicker winter socks
  • Competition 2 MTB sole
  • Solid tread with recessed cleat quadrant
  • Four Velcro straps
Reg Price $349.99


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