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Castelli Diluvio Shoe Cover 16

The Diluvio 16 Shoe Cover is official European pro wear. A garment and specific piece of cycling apparel that is designed with input from professional riders for racing and training in less than favorable conditions. Similar to other Diluvio products in the range, these fall under Castelli’s Protection category of cycling apparel. In this case protection from the elements both cold and wet. Diluvio means flood in Italian, so you get a sense of the purpose of this garment. Originally designed for the cold and sometimes damp spring and fall classics, the Diluvio is a diverse product that works in many conditions, temperature ranges and transcends 3 seasons of riding

This piece is identical to the standard Diluvio except with taller 16cm cuff height. The covers are constructed from stout 3mm Neoprene material. This means they will stand up to the wettest and coldest conditions you throw it’s way. All seams are thermosealed for complete water protection. The cleat and heel areas have pre-cut openings that are hemmed so they don't rip or tear with time. Neoprene is inherently elastic, so the Diluvio easily pulls over your shoes. Castelli adds a Velcro closure that helps prevent water from running down your leg into the shoecover. The standard 12cm cuff height is just about right for most conditions.


  • Fantastic 3 season peice
  • Taller 16cm cuff
  • Reflective detailing on back
  • 3mm high quality neoprene
  • Velcro top closure
Reg Price $64.99


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