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Castelli Dolce Sock

The literal translation from Italian of the Dolce Sock is sweet sock. It's appropriate, because it really is a sweet sock design. The Dolce has a no-show 3cm ankle cuff sock and is the perfect go-to item when the mercury rises. It's designed to cover and protect your feet while allowing you to revel your entire leg for cooling comfort and helping you get rid of those pesky tan lines from traditional socks.

The entire sock is constructed of Meryl Skinlife which wicks moisture extremely well. It is also bacteriostatic, and that's always a plus with footwear and socks. The top section of the body of the sock is a diaphanous web which means it is super thin and aerated for maximum breathability. The rest of the body has a slightly thicker and more elastic composition to offer more support.


  • 3cm no-show cuff
  • Meryl Skinlife composition
  • Breathable and moisture wicking
  • Elastic and comfortable
  • Choose size and color
Reg Price $14.99


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