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Capo Drago 2.0 Bib Shorts

Most cycling apparel companies don't focus on technology. Typically they offer a technology for the product to stand on and repeat that technology over and over again. Capo has taken a different path. Capo has taken a pair of shorts and put every quality tech into it that they could with style and performance then spent some time with their accountant to try to figure out how to make it affordable. The Drago 2.0 bib is the result.

Drago has been a name in Capos lineup for a while. The 2.0 is the newest iteration of the bibshort. The idea is simple, provide a compressive or almost second skin feel to the short so the rider is immediately comfortable. They combated bunching shoulder straps with a strap cap, this keeps your shoulder straps in place no matter what you are doing on the bike. They also combined ATS Power Lycra, HG Carbon Lycra, Cold black technology and ATS or Advanced Technology System, to create the rest of the bib. This combination provides the cooling technologies of Cool Black, the muscle compression of the 50g ATS Power Lycra and the fit of the GS series to create the ultimate performance short. They included the EIT Insert: Strada Anatomic Carbon to top off the short. Now the rider is able to wear a piece of cycling technology, something that fits as good as it looks with every element thought out. It rivals any other bib short on the market, not only in fit, but in technology and comfort as well.

Item #: 843150