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Capo Drago 2.0 Jersey

The Drago 2.0 represents Capo designers at the height of their technical abilities. This super stretch, form fitting performance jersey features all proprietary fabrics and construction processes. Beyond the tech, the solid color ways paired with the tricot knit looks sublime. From the way the Drago hangs on the rack then fits on your body, it is clear that it was handmade in Italy.

The main body panels are constructed from Flash ATS (Advanced Technology System). This elastic tricot (say: tree'-co) warp knit offering fast moisture wicking which leaves you with a dry surface against your skin. Side panels are made from Capo's Warp Stretch Micro Fiber. It's another form of tricot knit that is a low volume, high stretch and promotes body movement. All panels are treated with Coldblack for UV protection and heat reduction through reflection.

In Capo speak, the Drago is part of the GS Series of apparel, this means it is a snug fitting performance garment. Do not expect a loose club fit, the Drago 2.0 is designed to perform, and perform in style.


  • Proprietary ATS fabric
  • Super-elastic fit
  • Coldblack cooling with 50+ UV protection
  • 3 pockets with additional zip pocket
  • Full length zipper
  • Full anatomic patterned fit
  • 182 grams
  • Made in Italy
Reg Price $249.95


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