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Mountain    Tires - 29 inch

Panaracer Driver Pro Tire

As of this writing, the Driver Pro 29 gets our vote for the best choice in the 29" XC/lightweight All Mountain tire category. The low profile and widely spaced center knobs are half height for effortly fast rolling. These knobs have a 2-1-2-1 staggered pattern sit on a bed of textured tread for added adhesion to the trail. Trailing and opposed raised side knobs dig in when the tire is rolled over and give supreme confidence when cornering in any conditions. The measured 2.2" width does a good job at balancing flotation and stability with low weight, low rolling resistance and stability. Weight is always a concern with tires. Through careful design the Driver Pro tips the scales at an astonishing 588 grams, to make it one of the lightest in it's class.

The Driver Pro is made in the Panaracer factory in Japan to ensure top quality. In a day and age where almost everything is produced in China, this is almost unheard of. The aramid bead mounts up to all rims and wheels with ease. We measured the tire and it comes out to the exact 2.2" as marked on the sidewall. Remember this about the Driver Pro. The better rider you are, the more you will love this tire. It will offer you the best balance of low rolling resistance with a tire that can actually grip in the corners and be reliable in the field. All wrapped up in a sub-600 gram package.

Panaracer has yet to give the Driver Pro the official Tubeless Ready designation, but we have had excellent success getting the Driver Pros to mount up to Stan's BST rims without issue.


  • 2-1 staggered, semi raised center tread
  • Raised side knobs for cornering grip
  • Easy installation to any wheel/rim
  • 2.1" width for perfect balance
  • XC/Light All Mountain application
  • One of the lightest tires in its class
  • 588 grams
Reg Price $69.00
Item #: 751004