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Arundel Dual Seat Bag Black

The Arundel Dual seat bag is the perfect compromise between the two extremes of seat bag design. It's bigger than a coin purse sized bag that barely has enough room for a road tube, yet it's smaller than the carry-all sized bag that holds a virtual bike repair shop.

The Dual is small enough to nestle under a seat without scraping against your thigh. It has enough capacity to hold two 700C tubes and two CO2 cartridges, plus an inflator. So, why two sets of spares? Because you never know what's up the road, and it's nice to know that you're prepared. That extra tube will make the rest of your ride that much more enjoyable knowing that you won't have to use your cell phone if another flat occurs.

The double stitched Velcro straps are simple, yet secure. When the Dual is fastened to the seat rails, the end of the strap is in just the right spot to avoid tearing up your expensive cycling shorts. The Velcro has a long enough contact patch to hold the bag securely. The straps hold the bag against the seat clamp mechanism with a leather patch at the interface that protects the nylon bag from wear and prevent holes.


  • Leather reinforced
  • Double sewn straps
  • Fits two tubes, two CO2's and an inflator
  • $17.95
    Item #: 665290
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     Anonymous : 

    Excellent bag in terms of size, look, and main compartment construction. I've purchased 2 of them now for my road bike and both of them had the stitching on the straps come unraveled within a couple months. If the stitching were more durable this would be a 5-star review.

    Pros: Good size, solid construction on main compartment

    Cons: Stictching on straps is not up to snuff.


     Anonymous : 

    I have all three of the Arundel seat bags, Tubi, Uno, and Dual. Tubi way too big, Uno too small, Dual just right. (No this is not Goldilocks And The Three Bears). The Dual easily fits one (or two) tubes, tire irons, 16g cartridge of co2, a multi tool, plus more. Pack light or pack for bear (see above).

    The bag is well made and durable. It hangs down perpendicular to the saddle rails so it won't touch your shorts (if you have that problem). Also (a biggy for me) stuff does not rattle around. Price is very reasonable for the quality. My only beef is that I think there should be more velcro on the strap. I pull my Dual bag off and on between two bikes and after 7 months the Velcro is shot. More Velcro would solve that problem. My fear with the weak Velcro is I could loose my seat bag. Not good (did that once). Fortunately I pack all my important stuff in my jersey pockets.

    Out of the sea of seat bags I have owned over the years I like this one the best.

    Pros: Well made, durable

    Cons: strap could use more velcro


     Anonymous : 

    Like the other reviewer, this bag solved two problems for me: (1) shorts rubbing against seat pack and wearing too fast and (2) seat pack strap around seat post causing marks. It fits just what it says -- two tubes, two CO2 cartridges, and an inflator. It stays in place -- does not swing around when out of the saddle. Even got mine with blue trim that matches my frame color. It's a great value.

    4/16/2011 12:40:11 AM

     Anonymous : 

    Finally a seat bag that won’t destroy my shorts! I had plenty of room for two regular (not lightweight) 700C tubes, two 16g CO2s, CO2 tool, 1 tire iron, a tire boot, and a five dollar bill! Fits securely between the rails of my saddle without a velcro band to wrap around and mark up my seatpost or ruin another pair of my bibs. Thanks for getting this right Arundel.