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Shimano Dura-Ace 7700 SL-BS77 Bar End Shifters

Standard issue Dura-Ace 9 speed bar end shifters. Light, easy to install and reliable - they work perfectly with any Shimano 9 speed system. Right lever operates in index or friction mode. When set to friction, it will work with any system - regardless of how many speeds. Includes Dura-Ace shifter cables and housing

  • Choose from friction or index mode
  • Light action
  • Sold in pairs
  • Made in Japan
  • $99.83
    Reg Price $119.95
    Item #: 110613 Weight: 285g
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     Anonymous : 

    Bulletproof! I have them on my cyclocross bike.They shift crisply and reliably. They survived a crash, too.

    Pros: They shift well and they're durable.

    Cons: Cable routing not the best.

    9/15/2011 2:18:25 PM

     Anonymous : 

    I have a set of 1990 Ultegra (30,000+ miles?) and a new 2010 Dura Ace set also. They can flip flop back and forth off of TT areo extentions or back onto a 35mm knobbied CX Bike, if need be; with never ever a glitch ! triple, double., 10 indexed or old 5 speed freewheels,, whatever? Great alternative for the often tempermental and always overpriced shifters. And, besides in pack riding conditions you can actually knee bump them in a all out sprint! & others will accordingly have to change hand positions, shifting then scratching their scalps, then sign language can follow too... thus allowing you to get completely away! I am getting another set for a funnybike areobar set up.

    3/14/2010 8:44:58 PM

     Phillip Fitzwater : 

    I just built up a Ritchey BreakAway Ti bike for trips to the French Alps and I wanted to use a 9-speed XTR derailleur on the back, and these bar end shifters seemed to be the ticket. I had our local Berkeley wrench build the bike up and wow; these things rock. The are sharp and magic in shifting from top to bottom. Highly recommended. Shimano remains super dependable.