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Shimano Dura-Ace CN-9000 11 Speed Chain

The Dura-Ace CN-9000 11-speed chain is 9 grams lighter and 20% more durable than the CN-7901. The CN-9000 is 5.62mm wide - slightly more narrow than the 5.88mm 7901 chain. One nice feature is the 11-speed chain is symmetrical so there is no need to worry amount putting it on in the correct orientation - it can be put on in either direction.

One of the key features of the CN-9000 chain is the PTFE coating that contributes to a claimed 20% increase in durability. The PTFE coating also provides a smoother feel during shifts and less drivetrain noise even when cross-chaining. Chain pins for installation are included with the chain.


  • 243 grams
  • 11-speed
  • 114 links
  • Symmetrical design can be installed either direction
  • Hollow pins for reduce weight
  • PTFE coating to increase durability 20% over 7901
Reg Price $59.95
Item #: 291005
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