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SRM Dura-Ace PowerMeter Garmin 510 TrainingPeaks

This bundle includes a $119 premium TrainingPeaks subscription for a few dollars more than the item alone. You're getting the best value possible by combining world-class hardware and world-class software to help you make the most of your training.

The SRM Dura-Ace 7900 Wireless power meter only features Shimano's flagship 7900 cranks with super stiff chainrings for maximum shifting performance especially with Di2 electronic shifting. It is perfect for riders who already have a Powercontrol or other device like a Garmin making the Powercontrol and related accessories not needed. Wireless data transmission from the SRM PowerMeter is done through the ANT+Sport protocol to guarantee the highest reliability and accuracy in data transmission.

The SRM Wireless power meter is the only choice in premium power meters. It has fantastic machine work and build quality. More top athletes and coaches recognize SRM power meters as the default choice where the best function and performance is required. It's design allows you to change rear wheels and has a proven reputation of holding up to a lot of hard use.

The new Wireless Dura Ace compatible SRM was also designed to accommodate frames with larger bottom bracket diameters such as the Giant, Scott, and Trek. The new wireless power meter design has a 50 mm inside diameter to work with all frames that use the integrated bottom bracket.


  • 53/39 chainrings
  • 807 grams with crank and chainrings
  • Wireless ANT+Sport protocol
  • Excellent machine work and build quality

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TrainingPeaks is the world's most complete endurance training software. View useful metrics and trends so you can achieve your personal best using the raw data from your devices and training. The principles of science and physiology are enabled throughout TrainingPeaks, which has helped cyclists, triathletes and runners at all competition levels. TrainingPeaks is compatible with over 80 different training devices to allow you to make the most of each and every training session. Since 1999, athletes of all ages have used TrainingPeaks to win the world's best events including the Tour de France and the Ironman World Championships. Age groupers and serious athletes around the world trust TrainingPeaks to track, analyze and plan for results.

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