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Shimano Dura-Ace Special Grease 100g

The Dura-Ace Special Grease is one of the finest greases available on the market. This 'special' formula has a good balance of viscosity - not too thick, not too thin and works in a variety of applications, including bearing lubrication, greasing threads and bolts and any other application that requires grease. It is extremely water repellent and does a superb job preventing rust and oxidation. The 100 gram squeeze-top bottle makes it easy to extract the grease and keeps the grease clean and protected from dirt and contaminants.

Regardless of the components you are using, Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo, your expensive components deserve good grease and this is one of the best. As with most purchases, and this is no exception - you get what you pay for. It costs more, works better and lasts longer.


  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Water repellant
  • High quality grease
  • 100 gram squeeze tube
  • Made in Japan
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     Anonymous : 

    I can confirm the other reviewers comments. This stuff sticks where you put it and you do not need much to achieve fantastic results. It does not separate or seem to harden or get tarry over time like a lot of other greases. While the initial cost seems high, if you use the product in minimal amounts (i.e. do not overpack bearings, just use a light amount ) this tube will last a long time and you will achieve superior results.

    8/12/2011 2:37:48 PM

     Anonymous : 

    I normally use the Park grease, but decided to try the DA stuff out and it works great. It has a good balance of weight. Like I read in the description, it is light enough to work on bearings, but heavy enough to last and use on static interfaces, like seatpost or pedal threads. Expensive, but worth the money if your applying it to nice components.

    6/8/2011 4:44:58 PM

     Anonymous : 

    Best grease I have used and I’ve been at it for a while.

    4/19/2011 5:10:57 PM

     Anonymous : 

    Best grease I have ever used. It’s thin, but holds up well. Squeeze bottle is better than the previous small canisters I had with older packaging of this stuff.