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Schwalbe Durano S Tire

If we were to classify the Durano S tire, we'd say that it is a very durable racing tire. Reason being, it rolls too fast and handles too well to be catalogued as a training tire. Basically, you have high performance training tires and you have race tires. The Durano S lives somewhere in between the two categories.

The dual density compound grips and corners well, it has high shear strength, so it will hold up under abuse and heavy mileage. Underneath the tread is a strip of Schwalbe's Raceguard to help protect the tire carcass and tube from road debris and prevent flats. Raceguard material is very flexible and will not inhibit the tires performance.

While not quite as durable as the standard Durano, the Durano S offer the rider higher performance worthy of being called a race tire. And as a race tire, it is one of the most durable available.


  • Dual density compound
  • Raceguard protective strip
  • Durable casing and tread
  • 145 max psi
  • 223 grams
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Posted on 8/7/2015

Schwalbe Durano S tires are extremely long wearing. I weigh 170 pounds and rode my first set of Schwalbes for 4500 miles before I retired them. I now have over 3000 miles on my second set and they still look almost new. In the past I have had Vittorio Open Corsa tires. The Vittorio tires are smooth riding but do not last long as they wear down quickly and are very susceptible to road cuts. If pressed I would say the Vittorio Open Corsa are silkier on the road but not by much and will not wear near as well even if they survive road cuts. Try the Schwalbe Duranos. You will be amazed at their quality and longevity.

Pros Extremely long lasting and smooth on the road

Cons I wish they were less expensive


Posted on 4/5/2014

I have found these tires to be very rough riding compared with other brands - namely Conti 4000, Vittoria Corsa, and Michelin Service Course. OK, so I bought the Durano based on price and now my body is "paying the price". Time to cut my (comfort) loses and pass these little worn rocks on to my son!

Pros price

Cons lack of comfort