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Park Tool EK-1 Professional Travel and Event Kit

The folks at Park Tool set out to make what they consider to be the ultimate traveling and event mechanic's tool box - and they delivered. Use it for traveling or instantly set up a home shop with one purchase. Frankly it works perfectly for your home shop too. Open the case, do your work and then close the case. Simple and clean operation. If you take notice of many Pro Team mechanics, this is how they operate on the road or in their team workshops.

All of the tools a modern and relevant so you're not forced to purchased tools you do not need and will never use - a common issue with buying bundled tool kits. All of the tools are packaged in the Park BX-2 heavy duty tool box that feature a bomb proof shell and heavy duty latches and handle.


  • Awesome BX-2 case included
  • Perfect tool selection
  • Hanging tool apron
  • Good value for amount of tools and case

    Kit includes the following tools

  • AWS-1 4, 5, 6mm Hex Wrench Set
  • AWS-3 2, 2.5, 3mm Hex Wrench Set
  • AWS-10 Folding Hex Set - 1.5 to 6mm
  • BBT-5/FR-11 BB/ Cassette Lockring Tool for Campagnolo
  • BBT-9 Bottom Bracket Tool
  • BBT-22 Bottom Bracket Tool
  • BO-2 Bottle Opener
  • CC-3.2 Chain Wear Indicator
  • CCW-5 Crank Wrench
  • CNW-2 Chainring Nut Wrench
  • CN-10 Cable Cutter
  • CWP-7 Crank Puller
  • CT-4.2 Folding Chain Tool
  • FR-5 Cassette Lockring Tool for Shimano/SRAM
  • GSC-1 Gear Clean Brush
  • HCW-15 32 and 36mm Laser Cut Headset Wrench
  • HT-8 8mm Hex Wrench
  • HT-10 10mm Hex Wrench
  • HMR-4 Double Sided Hammer
  • MLP-1 Master Link Pliers
  • MW-8 8mm combination wrench
  • MW-9 9mm combination wrench
  • MW-10 10mm combination wrench
  • PAW-12 Adjustable Wrench
  • PW-4 Pedal Wrench
  • RR-12 Tape Measure
  • SCW-13 to SCW-19 Shop Cone Wrench Set
  • SD-0 Screw Driver Set: #0 and #2 Cross Tip (Phillips) Screwdrivers, 3mm and 6mm Flat Blade Screwdrivers
  • SR-1 Sprocket Removal Tool
  • SW-0 Professional Spoke Wrench
  • SW-1 Professional Spoke Wrench
  • SW-2 Professional Spoke Wrench
  • TL-6 Tire Levers
  • TWS-2 Fold Up Star Driver, 12 point, T7 to T40
  • UK-1 Utility Knife
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