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Mavic Ellipse Track Wheelset

Mavic Ellipse Track Wheelset

The Mavic Ellipse Track Wheelset is a budget friendly track wheelset that offers performance-boosting aerodynamics and stiffness. Low aerodynamic drag is provided by a 30mm deep rim paired with 20 Ultra Bladed spokes. High spoke tension and optimized front and rear wheel dish promotes efficient power transfer. A new rim extrusion saves over 100 grams over the previous model.


  • Flip flop rear hub (fixed/fixed)
  • 30mm rim section
  • 20 spokes for both front and rear with Ultra Bladed spokes
  • 1895 grams for the pair - 905 for the front and 990 rear
  • Smooth and adjustable QRM+ cartridge bearings
  • 20 spokes for both front and rear with Ultra Bladed spokes
  • Maxtal 6106 aluminum rim with a welded and machined joint

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