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Campagnolo ErgoPower Hoods 9-10spd

One pair of replacement hoods for 9 and 10 speed ErgoPower levers. Rounded style hoods have soft rubber and slightly textured for grip. Molded tab under the top of the hood clips into lever body and secures the grip nice and tight.


  • OE Replacement parts
  • Includes one left and one right hood
  • Made in Italy
  • $29.95
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    Posted on 11/12/2012

    I'm thinking I get about 5 years out of a set of Campy Ergopower hoods. The right hood seems to wear out faster for me. These are the only hoods I have ever tried with my Campy Chorus Ergopower levers. They come in black only, but black shows less dirt and grime. A PIA to install. Getting the old one off is easy, I just cut them off. Some say you can use water or talcum powder to make them go on easier. They have to go on correctly or that paddle lever won't return the way it's supposed to (as I found out). Made by Campy to fit Campy levers. Works for me...

    Pros Difficult to install

    Cons Great feel , long lasting