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3T Ergonova Team Handlebar

It's all about the shape with the Ergonova Team handlebar - the egg-shape that is. 3T's designers refer to the flat profile on the tops as 'egg-shaped' because it is a cross between round and oval. An interesting observation on the egg profile is that it is not centered like most flat top bars, but shoved forward. Meaning, the rear of the tops of the bars are in the same place as a standard round bar while the egg-shaped profile extends forward. It is a very clever way of designing this type of ergonomics and shape. It is also important to note that the shaping here terminates well before the stem clamp area, so you can install most clip on aero bars without issue.

Beyond that, the shape just feels right. It is extremely comfortable and a natural fit to your hands. The tops have longer radius angle where the bar bends forward towards the brake/shift levers to provide more room on the tops and a smoother transition to the controls. The drops are 123mm deep and feature the popular compact bend. Compact bends have an increasing radius bend and are combined with a shallow drop. It gives a bar an anatomical feel without anatomical bends. Brilliant actually. It's clear that 3T did their homework when designing the ergonomics of the Ergonova.

The UD carbon construction is super stiff and durable. It features a gloss coating with sandpaper like texture applied to the fixing areas of the stem and brake/shifters. This feature pretty much guarantees no slippage when everything is installed properly. The familiar red stripes denote that the bar is a 3T Team level product and is the same product used in the professional ranks.

It's important to note that the bars are measured center to center at the ends of the bar. Each end flares out by slightly less than one centimeter each. This effectively means that the bars are slightly narrower at the hoods. The Ergonova is available in 40cm-46cm widths and offered in 31.8mm bar clamp diameter only.


  • Measured center to center
  • Internally cable routing
  • UD carbon construction
  • Egg-shaped top section
  • Grooved cable routing
  • Clip-on aero bar compatible
  • Textured surfaces on clamp areas
  • 31.8mm clamp diameter
  • 198 grams


  • 77mm Reach
  • 123mm Drop

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Reg Price $349.95


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