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Assos FI.13 S5 Bib Shorts


Simply put, what you see here is one of the finest bibs shorts ever constructed. Assos has a company division called the Assos Textile Laboratory Lugano which is made up of a network of textile engineers and technicians who specialize in developing fabrics, textiles, anatomic patterns and garment construction techniques. The FI.13 was born and bred in this environment using the best materials and attention to every micro detail.

The FI.13 is chock full of high technology and strategically placed fabrics but remains an incredibly low volume product. Meaning, with all of the forward thinking and tech that went into the garment, it was specifically designed to be like a second skin and not overbuilt. Focus went into four primary areas. Anatomic fit, comfort, muscle compression and moisture management.

The anatomic side panels are constructed of Assos's proprietary A430 fabric. This fabric offers plenty of muscle compression (highly elastic) and is super low volume. Being low volume, it offers plenty of ventilation and has great wicking capacity. The anatomic inner panels are constructed of a variant of the A430 material called A431. It is slightly higher volume for added durability and chamois support. The front panel is made of a derivative of A430 with more sheer to produce a lighter material in which to support your private parts without being to constrictive. It's a sensitive issue that Assos has addressed, so there will be no more grabbing, pinching and adjusting on longer rides. The bib uppers offer a thin but elastic and supportive suspenders. They are perforated to maximize ventilation. The rear panel of the upper is one giant thin perforated swatch of material to offer maximum support, but thin and perforated so it feels like you wearing nothing at all.. It is also anti-static so it will not bind with your jersey or base layer.

The S5 chamois is the best chamois on the market. Period. It has an industry first: two separate pads that are somewhat connected but allowed to move separately to provide you with a passive suspension and most importantly, a chamois that will not pull against your skin. In short, one pad moves with your body and will not pull on your body while the other part of the pad moves with the garment. The top chamois that rests against your skin has a dimpled surface to provide ventilation and blood flow.

All panels of the FI.13 are anatomically cut and when stitched together, form a perfect synergy called AEPD. These letters stand for Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design. This means every panel is pattern-cut in an anatomical shape to mimic the body while in the cycling position. When we say in the cycling position, we mean the garment is made to fit perfectly while you are riding, not standing around or sedentary. This means the bibs may feel a little odd when you first try them on. Crouch down in the cycling position or better yet, climb on your bike and that is when the magic happens. Assos chooses to make a product that is designed to fit during sport. It's that simple.

Included with the FI.13 bibs is a wash bag and Assos Active Wear Cleanser. We recommend using both when washing these bibs. One small tub of Assos Chamois Creme is also included.


  • Creative use of A30 and A431 fabrics
  • 2 piece S5 chamois
  • Vented upper and suspenders
  • AEPD II anatomic fit
  • Wash bag, Active Cleanser and chamois creme included
  • Best bibs made
  • Choose from black or white
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 Anonymous : 

I'm a cheapskate and was skeptical....these bibs are worth the price....complete elimination of any irritation fits like glove!!!


 Anonymous : 

Hands down, best bib's I've ever owned


 William Kochi : 

This is one Assos bib shorts that can't be replaced by anything else, other than a newer upgraded one. One of the most comfortable bib shorts around. Its difficult to go back to my previous shorts from any manufacturer that i owned. I bought the T.607 for slightly colder temps, but the FI.13 are my favorites.

Pros: Fit, finish, materials feel great after any ride.

Cons: Cost, but quality makes up for it.


 Anonymous : 

I got these after years of trying so many brands and eventually found these and ended up buying 2 . They are all that you read about and more.You dont feel any material bunching up in the wrong areas and padding is excellent and you dont feel anything except the wind in your face and a smile on your face. i have washed mine over 100 times and ride alot and they still look brand new .


 Anonymous : 

The other comments, all true. You owe it to yourself to own one amazing pair of shorts.... And then see how often you wear the others after trying Assos once. You will be washing them constantly. Fortunately, Assos gear lasts and lasts.

3/19/2011 3:22:04 AM

 Anonymous : 

i have abut 30 assos items this is by far the best

8/2/2010 11:16:35 PM

 Anonymous : 

As the other reviewer said, these are nothing short of amazing. If it wasn’t for the 15% off I probably wouldn’t have bought them, but am glad I did. This is the third different Assos bibshorts I’ve owned. The FI.Unos were previously my fave (but apparently aren’t compatible with the Specialized Toupe seat, stitching comes undone), and the FI.Equipe being my least favorite (but still far better than any other manufacturer). The FI.13 S5 is heads and shoulders above anything else that I’ve worn, no comparison, and now they make my other Assos bibs feel slightly inferior. The only downside is now I have to go sell a kidney to replace my others. Oh, and if you’re a guy.....not sure how it works with the’ll be happy to know that these are extremely comfortable in the crotch area, as Assos somehow reduced the pressure in that area.

5/6/2010 4:37:23 PM

 Anonymous : 

There is no better cycling shorts maker than Assos. I still use Assos bibs I got in 1998, but these new ones are the ultimate. I absolutely love the fit and the compression they provide. I feel as if I am naked while wearing these shorts, securely naked that is. The only problem I have with these shorts is the price. Thankfully, after riding in them I can unequivocally say that they are more than worth the cost, if you are in the market for an unbelievably superior product.