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Assos FI.Lady S5 Shorts


In a day and age of measuring trends, here's a good metric: women are our number one consumer of cycling shorts (non-bib) and our best-selling women's cycling shorts are the Assos FI.Lady. We don't need to get lost in all of the technical jargon to know why either. Simply put, theses shorts generally fit better than competing products. The chamois technology is better for more comfort and they come in at price point which makes them a good value.

Behind the scenes, a lot of work went into designing the FI.Lady shorts. They incorporate Assos's proprietary fabrics and materials that are blended into a women's anatomically correct patterns and panels. When these panels are all brought together, it provides a product that fits well and offers a soft feel with plenty of support for total comfort and performance. The FI S5 Lady shorts are made with Assos's proprietary A430 fabric offering several advantages over other fabrics. A430 fabric is superlight and sheer but also offers plenty of muscle compression and durability. Due to the low volume of A430, it is breathable and wicks moisture incredible well.

The Assos FI Lady shorts is designed for comfort, fit, and style. The smart waistband is wider with elastic strategically located at the back half of the short for gentle support. A slightly wider and shorter synthetic chamois supplies cushioning where it is required and is quick drying. The anatomic, 6 panel cut with flat-panel stitching and leg grippers provide the ideal muscular compression to assist pedaling muscles as well as an ideal fit when in the cycling position.

See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System


  • Best selling women's short
  • Superb Assos quality
  • Wash bag included
  • Anatomic AEPD 6-panel cut
  • Women's specific S5 chamois
  • Special smart-waistband design to maximize comfort
  • Proprietary and magical A430 fabric
Reg Price $179.00


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