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Assos FI.Mille S5 Long Bib Shorts


These FI.Mille S5 Long bib shorts are identical in every way to the standard FI.Mille S5 (non-Long) bibs, with two exceptions. The leg length is approximately 1 inch longer. The inseam on the FI.Mille S5 Long is 10", while the inseam on the standard FI.Mille is 9". The other difference are the color options. The standard FI.Mille is available in black only, while the FI.Mille S5 Long is available in colors as well as all black.

Assos makes several styles of shorts and bibs, but only the FI.Mille S5 Long carry the distinction of being called the long distance bibs. To understand why the tag of long distance has been bestowed upon them and what makes them different from the other bibs in the Assos range, you have to get a grasp on the design and technology used in the garment.

The body of the bibs are constructed from Assos's proprietary A430 sheer fabric. The A430 fabric for the Mille, is specially woven to offer more stretch and less muscle compression than other A430 garments. It is this added stretch and less tension on the body that make these bibs perfectly suited for longer rides or for larger riders that want a more forgiving pair of bibs that can stretch around a larger thigh or chest. In error, many riders think that the Mille are a bigger and more voluminous fit for larger riders, when in fact, they fit similar to other Assos bibs, but have the added elasticity to expand and fit larger riders. In summary, the FI.Mille Long bibs offer a body fabric that has more elasticity and less muscle compression which allows them to be more comfortable on longer journeys and/or fit larger riders.

Beyond elasticity and support, the A430 fabric used in the panels of the bibs wick moisture and help regulate your body temperature. It also offers plenty of support while managing to be low volume and light weight. At this level of bib shorts, we now see a curved and anatomical S5 chamois. The Mille's S5 Long chamois has the familiar klinik blue top sheet with dimples for air flow and heat management. The chamois in these bibs have multiple densities of material for comfort and is slightly thicker than the S5 chamois found in other Assos bibs and shorts.

Being an Assos bib, there is a strict adherence to anatomics and body fit. Each panel is pattern cut and anatomically correct, so when stitched together, the nexus of panels create Assos's Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design (AEPD). The FI.Mille mimics the body while in the cycling position to create a second skin-like fit and feel. Simply put, these bibs are a product that are designed to fit while pedaling.

Included with the FI.Mille S5 bib shorts is a small tub of Assos chamois creme and a vented wash bag. These bibs are available in several colors and sizes.

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  • Highly elastic and wicking A430 fabric
  • S5 Mille dimpled chamois
  • Standard leg length
  • Vented rear mesh upper
  • Perforated front upper/suspenders
  • AEPD II anatomic fit
  • Silicone dot leg grippers
  • Includes wash bag and chamois creme
Reg Price $289.99
Item #: 841065


Average Rating:


 Anonymous : 

If you have had these in the past, you may be disappointed in the new pad, as I am. It moves around a lot more and the material has a funny feel to constantly bunched right up underneath, exactly where you don't want it to. Having said that, they are amazing, but there is so much more (and cheaper) competition now for superb fitting bibs. The legs are definitely cut for the guy with a lot of meat on his legs. The previous versions large fit so well, where as these are looser, especially in the legs. There is also a small edge around the pad that sticks up a bit, which can rub you, well, the wrong way. Still a fantastic bib, that breathes well and looks good. Pad needs to revert to previous to get 5.

Pros: Well made

Cons: changed pad is not better than previous version


 Anonymous : 

Two days after receiving my Assos Bibs, I enjoyed a 50 mile pain free ride. The shorts responded in a spectacular fashion. They look good, feel good and is worth every penny. I ordered a second pair to give these a day rest.

Pros: Style, comfort, and exceptional pad. Nice packagin

Cons: None


 Anonymous : 

In summary, awesome Bib shorts! Everything in the description is accurate including how it fits. What makes it the Mille so great is that they have a comfortable fit yet don't move around, a perfect balance. I would recommend these to anyone. I've got longer legs so the long shorts are a good option.

Pros: Comfort, garmet materials, quality, design

Cons: None

5/17/2011 2:36:18 PM

 Anonymous : 

Yes, they are expensive. The best things in life usually are. However, after riding Nalini, Pearl, Castelli, Giordana, Verge and Santini over the past decade, I gotta say that these are the best. Are the leg openings too tight like the Pearls? No. Is the inseam too short like the Castellis? No. Do they fall apart after one season like the Verge No. There is simply no downside. Even the seemingly gimmicky wash bag really does make a difference. No pilling after 6 months. They look brand new. A+.

7/9/2008 12:02:02 PM

 Anonymous : 

The most comfortable shorts I’ve ever worn! I have ridden in Pearl Izumi and Castelli for years, always feeling the Assos are too expensive. But having now tried them, I can say I find them much more comfortable than the others.