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Polar FT-40 Computer

The Polar FT-40 offers clear training guidance for individuals maintaining a consistent and active exercise program/training schedule and who want clear guidance to monitor their fitness level. The EnergyPointer tells you if the main effect of your training is fitness improvement or fat burning. The Polar Fitness test measures your aerobic fitness at rest and tells you your progress. It also has the normal watch and heart rate functions and can store up to 50 training files.


  • Polar FT40 training computer
  • Polar WearLink®+ transmitter
  • Manual

    Selected Features

  • Current, Average and maximum heart rate of training
  • HR-based target zones with visual and audible alarm
  • Manual target zones
  • Polar Fitness Test
  • Polar OwnCal®
  • Polar OwnCode® (5kHz) coded transmission
  • Up to 50 training file that can be sorted by week
  • Graphical target zone indicator
  • HeartTouch™ button-free operation
  • Backlight
  • Date and weekday indicator
  • Time of day (12/24h) with alarm and snooze
  • User replaceable battery
  • Water resistant to 30m

    Buh-bump electrode cream also available

  • $159.95
    Item #: 427040