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Sampson Fat Wrap Handlebar Tape

From it's introduction almost 20 years ago, Sampson Fat Wrap became an instant hit with top teams such as Coors Light to about every racer in the land--and it is back! Fat Wrap provides a great grip with a smooth velvety texture. The thick closed-cell material is also effective at mitigating vibrations and is easy to clean and care for. Includes enough tape for one handlebar.


  • Easily washable with a little dish soap
  • 2 rolls per package, with all finishing items included
  • Ground tapered edges provide an almost one-piece feel on the bars
  • No adhesive backing
  • $11.95
    Item #: 363000


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     Anonymous : 

    I have used handlebar tape from all the big names. Natural cork, leather, synthetic, gel, and foam. This tape is so comfortable I won't use any other tape (in white) than Samson FATwrap! It's easy to apply and it looks awesome ... it's bright white ... not dull like some other brands. It cleans up easlily, just wash with a soapy sponge and it looks like new again. The finishing strip/tape is even reuseable. They probably didn't even intend it to be, but I've removed and reused it carefully with great results! I only wish this tape was available in more colors than black and white. There is nothing bad I can say about this handlebar wrap/tape.

    Pros: comfortable, great looking, easy to use, durable,

    Cons: none