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Cobb Fifty-Five JOF Saddle

The Fifty-Five is the first saddle using Cobb's exclusive JOF or "Just Off Front" geometry by John Cobb. This saddle was specifically designed to address certain needs within the Tri and road market.

John Cobb's continuing saddle research, using pressure mapping systems that show the critical contact pressure points for both men and women, have led them to recognize the need for a new and different saddle design allowing us to serve all types of riders with a full-line of saddles.

Cobb's traditional saddle designs generally provide great airflow and pressure control but occasionally there is a need for a more unobtrusive area for the front end of the saddles. As the line of saddles name implies, your soft tissue or genitals are "Just Off the Front" when riding this saddle properly.

The JOF line will be made up of short-nosed saddles, which can help with cooling and numbness. The sides of the new Fifty-Five saddle are specifically shaped to not interfere with upper hamstrings and to allow for multiple riding positions. No saddle should be limited to just one position, the Fifty-Five will offer the rider many options in positions for increased comfort.

The Fifty-Five is also compatible with Cobb's patent-pending rear hydration mount, which mounts to the base of the saddle and not the rails, allowing for a broader range of adjustment and usage.


  • 330 grams
  • 260mm length
  • 135mm width
  • Great for numbness and circulation issues


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