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Panaracer Fire XC Pro Wire Bead Tire

If you're not concerned about the added weight of the wire bead, this economical version of the Panaracer Fire XC Pro could be your choice.

With its well-designed square knobs, the Fire XC Pro delivers excellent traction and cornering in just about any terrain. Silca compound added to the treads improves tread life as well as increases durability and grip. A narrow BAX cord woven into the casing at a high density provides lightness and flexibility with a resistance to cuts and abrasions. We have found the Fire XC Pro tire a great all-around aggressive tire with a bonus of longer tread life compared with similar tires. You can run them for both front and rear and produce in almost any type of terrain.


  • Multi-step knobs for optimized knob height
  • BAX cord helps resist cuts and abrasions
  • Silica-added compound for increased durability and grip
  • 700 grams
  • $27.50
    Reg Price $34.95
    Item #: 754500 Weight: 700g