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Road    Brake Pads

SwissStop Flash EVO BXP Low Profile

The newer low profile design of the Flash Evo BXP pads are designed for two types of braking scenarios. The first would be integrated frame brakes where clearance is an issue, the other is when you are setting up newer style rims that have wider profiles with older brake calipers that are not designed for the added width of the rims. In the latter case the pads provide more clearance and allow the brake to run in a more closed profile which improves braking power and modulation.

The SwissStop BXP pads offer improved braking performance for alloy braking surfaces over their well respected GHP II compound. Stopping power is increased with an 18% reduction in stopping distance over the GHP II compound and stopping distance is a whopping 61% shorter than some other brands.

Modulation is improved with a very high maximum braking force that is easy to control with predictable, linear response to lever input. So basically, when you squeeze the brake levers harder you will get much more braking force versus other pads. Plus engagement is smooth with no sticky feeling.


  • Made in Switzerland
  • Wear limit indicator
  • Includes 4 pads and 4 pad retention screws
  • Fits Shimano/SRAM cartridge style holders
  • Designed for an alloy braking surface
Item #: 217107
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