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CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer with TrainingPeaks

This bundle includes a $119 premium TrainingPeaks subscription for just a few dollars more than the item alone. You're getting the best value possible by combining world-class hardware and world-class software to help you make the most of your training.

The Fluid2 trainer is one of our biggest sellers thanks to quality construction, and infinite resistance curve and the lowest noise level of all CycleOps trainers. CycleOps Engineers designed the Fluid 2 to capture real road feel through the use of a 2.75 lb. individually precision-balanced flywheel for more momentum and stability of your rear wheel. For fast bike set-up, an exclusive quick-load cam lever lets you return immediately to the same resistance level of your last ride.

Fluid levels have been adjusted for better resistance and the position of sealed-cartridge bearings has been improved for better inertia and an ultra-quiet ride that ensures increased wattage as you increase your speed. And just like riding outside, simply shift gears to increase or decrease resistance. When you spin your wheels on the Fluid2 it feels like you're actually getting somewhere.

The Fluid 2 Trainer with "Power Band Technology" allows for direct resistance level changes without reaching to a lever on the resistance unit. The resistance levels varies automatically based on your cadence and wheel speed directly by using you bicycle's own gears.

Professional cyclists and renowned scientist Allen Lim worked together to develop a power curve based on a hybrid of road and time trial positions, finding the point at which a speed of 25 mph overlaps with an output of 400 watts. This point of overlap is where the optimal power curve resides and is the basis for PowerTuned technology. By training on a PowerTuned curve, you benefit from the most true-to-life speed verses power contingency, no matter what speed you ride.

We offer a few optional CycleOps accessories (sold separately) such as the Climbing Riser Block to elevate and support the front wheel, Sweat Guard to protect the cockpit and top tube, Training Mat to protect the floor and a Trainer Bag for transport.


  • Quick-load Cam Lever for easy bike install/removal
  • Cooling mechanism increases life of the resistance unit
  • Quietest noise level of the Cycle Ops trainers
  • Constructed from sturdy, 2-inch round, 16-gauge steel
  • Compatible with 650b, 700c, 26", 27", 29" (Adapter available for 20-24" sold separately)
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TrainingPeaks is the world's most complete endurance training software. View useful metrics and trends so you can achieve your personal best using the raw data from your devices and training. The principles of science and physiology are enabled throughout TrainingPeaks, which has helped cyclists, triathletes and runners at all competition levels. TrainingPeaks is compatible with over 80 different training devices to allow you to make the most of each and every training session. Since 1999, athletes of all ages have used TrainingPeaks to win the world's best events including the Tour de France and the Ironman World Championships. Age groupers and serious athletes around the world trust TrainingPeaks to track, analyze and plan for results.

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